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Sex therapist and Intimacy Coach

When I was living in California. I took courses in human sexuality in college. For the first time in my life, I was asked to look at my vulva in a mirror and draw it. It blew my mind because I had no idea how my sex looked like in details.

Thereafter, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a sex therapist. I returned to Europe where I obtained a master’s degree in sexual sciences. I also had the opportunity to learn sexology in Montreal at the most advanced university in this field. Finally, I have just completed a certification in clinical sexology in Belgium.

By launching my practice as a sexologist, I also embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure: the first sexual wellness center in Europe. Then, at the beginning of 2021, I joined the MIA.co team as Coordinator and co-creator of the platform. It is the first teleconsultation platform dedicated to female sexual wellness.

I work with individuals and couples (FR/EN) in online therapy. Sexuality is constantly changing. I like to coach people in the discovery of what they want and wish to enrich their intimate lives. I offer couples therapy, individual therapy to help people find their erotic potential one step at a time.

As a sexology enthusiast, I also give my time on global projects focused on sexual wellness.


Education and Certification

Studies in sexology in USA, Canada, France & Belgium
  • Certified in Clinical Sexology – UCL – (Belgium)

  • Master’s degree in Sciences of Family and Sexuality – UCL- (Belgium)

  • Bachelor in Psychology- Lyon II (France)

  • Human sexuality Courses (USA & Canada)

  • Certified Life and Orgasmic Meditation Coach – One Taste ( USA)

What is the next step in your intime life ?

A new approach to your sex life

– Feel less pressure and more present into your sex life –

 – A better connection to your erotic mind and body for a good enough sex –

– Find your pleasure path –


Based on mindful sex approach


Path to your sexual wellness

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Session for (futur) parents who would like to talk about intimacy during and/or after pregnancy.


Orgasmic Meditation for couple

Mind your sexual body

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Find what suit you best

Individual Sex Therapy

75 /session

Explore what matters

  • 45 min/ session
  • Single sessions or package
  • Sexual awareness
  • Sharing framework
  • Tools & practice

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Couple Sex Therapy

75 /session

Desire for more

  • 45 min / session
  • Customized session packages
  • Sexual awareness
  • Sharing framework
  • Improving communication skills
  • Tools & practice

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Orgasmic Meditation

- 90/session

Mindfulness practice for couple

  • 3 sessions package to learn how to OM®                                  (Orgasmic Meditation ®)
  • Teaching the philosophy
  • Knowing the steps
  • Coaching through the practice
  • Global Community

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Free advices for relationships and intimacy that satisfies you

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I share with you my list of favorite TED Talks covering relationships and sexuality.


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