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Empowered Intimacy: Clinical Sexologist, Speaker, and Podcast Host

Hi, I’m Camille!

I help individuals and couples to create a new path to overcome intimacy challenges and develop more pleasure and connection (to self, to other) through the slow sex approach.

Explore with me a safe and educational space to never stop experimenting and experiencing your erotic journey!


So, are you ready to explore the next step toward your sexual wellness?


What is the next step in your intime life ?

A new approach to your sex life

– Feel less pressure and more present into your sex life –

 – A better connection to your erotic mind and body for a good enough sex –

– Find your pleasure path –


Based on mindful sex approach

Individual Sex Therapy

80 /session

Explore what matters

  • Uncover More About Yourself
  • Profound Sexual Reflections
  • Home assignments (Active in this process)
  • Tools & practice (Highly experiential)

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Couples Sex Therapy

80 /session

Desire for more

  • Sexual Awareness (Open-minded Exploration)
  • Enhancing Communication Skills
  • Home Play (Active Engagement in the Process)
  • Tools & Practice (Highly Experiential)

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Thanks to Camille, my partner and I felt totally free and confident to talk and express what we were thinking. We understood and deconstructed sexuality, love and the notion of couple. There is certainly not only one. We made room for our desires and communicated them in all transparency and kindness. Camille helped us to put clearer words on what we feel and opened a big door towards a more fulfilled sexuality, the one that belongs to us and not the one that belongs to the patriarchy and all its drifts.

We will resume our sessions after our second baby is born.

Jade and Chris

I appreciated the freedom I had to express intimate and personal things that I had never been able to share with anyone else before.

Samuel, 45y

Before starting the sexotherapy sessions with Camille I imagined it as sessions where you only talk about sex. I was wrong though. Apart of some basic/general teachings about sexuality, with Camille I learned how to appreciate myself as a women, how to express and take care of my needs and desires, I learned about receiving and giving and I learned what’s an empowering woman. Camille has also shared with me new ways and techniques on how to expolore my sexuality better. I have changed my mindset around sexuality and I enjoy it much more than before.The sessions with Camille have excided my expectations and I recommend it to anyone who feel should know more about its sexuality.

Jenna 38 y

I am really delighted with the sessions with Mrs. Bataillon! She respects the evolution that I am making and the tools that she gives me are very adapted to my path. It really changed me from the inside, I am much more serene, less hard on myself, I feel less “abnormal”. Sessions of public utility to not be caught in these old patterns of domination, to be more attentive to oneself, to one’s desires! I recommend her as soon as I have the opportunity to my close relations so much I am satisfied! I think I will never thank her enough

Monia, 34y



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