Expressing my sexual desires


We say it over and over again, communication is the main key to fulfilling sexuality. But where do we start to communicate our sexual desires?

Here 4 ways to challenge yourself this month, and start step by step:


  • Expressing the way you like to be touched 

This does not necessarily have to be explained verbally, you can, for example, take your partner’s hand and indicate what you like (movement/pace/pressure…)


  • Exploring a new sexual practice

It’s a great time to share with your partner your fantasies, your ideas and your desires 👌🏼


  • Cuddling

 Sex is not all about penetration. Sex is the pleasure of feeling sensations (using your 5 senses).


  • Express your desires starting with “I”.

I would love to experience more oral sex with you”, ‘I prefer that you touch my breast instead of my vagina”, “I would like to see you on top of me” …


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