Masturbation is one of the keys to a fulfilling sex life. It allows, among other things, the learning and knowledge of one’s body, desires, what we like or dislike and the way we like to be turn on. It’s also OK when you don’t masturbate! As in all aspects of sexuality, you shouldn’t force yourself if you don’t feel like it. Moreover, everyone has their own recipe, there is no one way to masturbate. What can be interesting is to change the scenario from time to time and thus avoid settling into a sometimes stereotypical routine.




  • Change positions

 Vary the positions in order to (re)discover different sensations: on your stomach, standing, with your legs together, with your legs apart, sitting, on your side…


  • New ways of touching

 Our sensitivity is such that, even for the same caress, a change of rhythm, pressure or movement changes what we feel. Here’s an example: in standing position, touch your penis or vulva and move only your pelvis rather than your hand. It is very instructive to understand the role of the gluteal muscles and to better control your excitement!


  • Take your time

Try edging for more intense orgasms. This sexual technique consists of arriving on the peak of orgasm but delaying it several times.
Three techniques are possible… 1) Pause, stop all stimulation just before climax, go back down to zero and then get excited again, 2) Hold the orgasm by focusing on something other than the originally stimulated part 3) Decrease the pressure, for example, wider and/or slower movements on the sex to reduce the influx of pleasure.



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